Security and Fraud

ING provides the following general information to answer any concerns that you may have around the security of the internet, including online transactions and or fraud.

ING makes every effort to provide optimal security of your data and of all transactions; for us protecting our clients is just good business. However hard we work there are risks online, and you can take some action to protect yourself. Please visit ING.com-Security where we provide some information to help you. We recommend that you distribute ING.com-Security in your company. Advise all directors to read it as well as anyone with power of attorney over the company’s accounts.

Safeguard your business against fraud - Learn about the most frequent fraud cases which could impact business and learn about the recommendations to protect yourself against it. The fraud cases we present on our website are not trivial, they occur daily, worldwide and generate millions in losses. Beware.

Read all about it in the leaflets at INGWB - corporate-fraud and INGWB - onlinesecurity


In case of doubt or fraud contact us:

  • via e-mail anti-fraudbg@ing.com or
  • by phone to your local ING contact or
  • call at ING Bank N.V Sofia branch central +359 (2) 917 6400.


For matters connected with other ING entity than ING BG contact wb.fraudalert@ing.com.